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John has already started his new job.

I’m excited to announce that I landed back with General Electric as a Region Finance Manager for the Industrial Systems business, working out of my house. I was laid off after 37 years at the end of May 2016 from another division of GE, with my severance ending at the end of January. In December, an HR manager I knew from a previous role contacted me about this position but they were in a hiring freeze.

At the end of January they were finally given approval to fill the position and my official start date was last Monday 2/13/17. I want to thank the SFG because there were several times when I started to get into the “pity me” syndrome, but then Thursday rolled around and every meeting I attended gave me a new positive outlook when I left.

Thanks for all you did for me and I promise to carry on H.O.P.E. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to help anyone in their search.

John Gavin 

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