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Barbara Townsend is consulting at Sabre

Foster, Mike, Alvin, Tom, Charlie, and Jane,

I wanted to let you know that I started working last week. I am working as a consultant at Sabre. The consulting company is Experis and I met them in person a few months ago when I attended the Ft. Worth PMI Chapter's Career Development Day. Experis was one of the vendor booths that I visited. They called me about the Project Manager position at Sabre a few weeks ago and I got the job based on one phone interview with the hiring manager.

It feels great to be back working at a large global company in a headquarters setting, which is what I am used to, up until my last job working for a small private company. I am very excited and hopeful that this position at Sabre will convert into a permanent position. Initially it is a 1 year contract.

I want to thank each of you for your leadership and guidance. I was very impressed with the entire organization and pleased that it was faith based. Please know that you truly do inspire us to be hopeful of a great future, along with equipping us with the tools we need to fulfill that goal--weekly meetings, great presentations, resume help, LinkedIn help, interviewing help, networking, etc. Job searching can be very lonely when at home on the computer. 

I was very thankful to have such a positive place to go each week, to be connected with others in similar situations. I no longer felt alone and always was energized when I left!! When I hear of someone who is unemployed, I immediately tell them about the Southlake Group and that they need to attend.

Thank you!! May you be blessed for all you do to help others.

Take Care,


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