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Sufyan Adi is now at Gamestop

Hi Mike / Foster/ Les,

I wanted let you know that I have landed a Sr. Problem Manager at GameStop,  I will start on 10/30.  There was a series of phone and face to face interviews, for the most part they were basic interviews except 2 were quite technical. 

I am traveling for a  personal matter and will not be able to make it this coming week.

Would you please pass along to the team at Southlake Focus Group, Les’ PMP prep team and CSN_IT group that the preparation provided were very valuable and would not have been the same outcome without the encouragement and support you all gave me.  I am forever grateful to many people that I can’t possibly mention all of them.  I am truly blessed that I got to meet all of them. 

A final and most important thank you goes to the lord for lifting me up during the past 3 months of difficult and challenging time.

Again thank you and God bless.

Sufyan Adi, AKA Sam

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