Our mission is to serve jobseekers with a network of career opportunities. Click here to contribute to our efforts.

Our mission is to serve jobseekers with a network of career opportunities. Click here to contribute to our efforts.

Frisco Career Transition Workshop

Don’t miss the top jobseeker workshop in the nation. This is a must attend if you are in job transition or if you are in a underemployed job and need to find a career.


Frisco Connect

Frisco Connect is in full effect.
Frisco Connect is one of the newest CSN (Career Search Network) groups


Southlake Focus Group

The Southlake Focus Group (SFG) is an independent, geographically focused, and nondenominational networking group for professionals in career transition. SFG exists to support all job seekers during their job search at no charge.


Absolutely Abby

The Absolutely Abby website is a must visit for all in the jobsearch. My Servant Sister Abby Kohut shares many secrets that companies probably do not want you to know. Abby travels the nation helping jobseekers “get there” Her goal is to help 1,000,000 jobseekers across the country. I fully endorse Abby and her travels.


Ask The Coach

This is a forum to ask any questions related to your job search or your career transition and get an answer from our professional coach, Jane Ryan. If you have additional questions or need more information from Jane, click here.


“Your Talent and Career Transition Solution—Raising the Bar—Not the Cost”.

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